Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blaaaaaaa, I Hate Being Sick. I Reapeat. Blaaaaa, I Hate Being Sick

                                            This is some home made croutons in the making.

Let me just say this post is not just about croutons.  I am posting to complain about being SICK.
   I woke up this morning with a HORRIBLE sour thought.  I am not going to write much this time, but I need to vent my frustration.  I has rained for DAYYYYYYYYYS:(  Yes DAYS.  I am so sick of rain, rain, rain, rain.  It even snowed on the top of the mountain peek. 

  But, the good new is that... AAHHH, Grandma and Grandpa are visiting.  Daddy is home for a week.  We are getting new beds.  And, We are having fun despite the rain and sickness. 

  Whew, I feel better having said all that.  Hope you all have a nice day and aren't sick like me.  TIARRA

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