Sunday, July 1, 2012


Dear Readers, 
Thanks for checking back on my blog!
    We are visiting my mom's friend in Canada.  We are having so much fun!  These pictures are of some hats that my mom and her friend made.  My mom made the top one and her friend made the bottom two. 
 We are going to sell them at market this Thursday.  My favorite is one of the one bottom two {I can't pick}.
   We have been having so much fun in Canada.  We came up over half of the way with my two best friends.  Then we stayed two nights and a day with them.  While we were there we got to here some wolves howling pretty close by and see a HUGE black bear.  Then we left their house and traveled 9-10 hours on the Alaska Highway.  While traviling we saw 6-7 moose and 5 bears.  Oh, and 3 rusty barrels that we thought were grizzly bears.  That night we met our friends and the next day we traveled the rest of the way to their house.  I will tell you more another post, but for now I am DONE! ~ Tiarra

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nani said...

So glad you are having fun in Canada. Fun to see the post of the hats your mom and her friend made. I like them too and yes, if you could choose which one you liked best it would be hard. Look forward to your next post.