Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our Homeschool State History Trip 2012

     I went on a state history trip with some of the girls in my home school group last week.  We went to museums, interpretive centers, old ghost towns, caves, and such.   I have quite a few pictures for you all, so sit back and ENJOY!   
 This is me looking for sapphires.  We were given buckets of muddy gravel and strainers.  We put about eight medium scoops of the gravel into the square strainers.  We took the strainers to a trough of water and swished and swished.  Then we came back to our table and dumped the big pieces of gravel that didn't get washed away, in the trough, onto the table.  Then we looked for sapphires!  When we found some we picked them out with tweezers and put them in our container.  Finally, we took the sapphires into a building where they cleaned them and bagged them for us, then we took them HOME!
         Here I am lassoing a fake cow called a woody.  I had a lot of fun doing this.  Of course lassoing woodies are WAY easier then lassoing real cows.
 This is a picture taken at a mineral museum.  It is of agates attached to wood making them look like butterflies. It was a beautiful creation.  You should have been there. 
    This is of me and one of my friends in a cave.  Her face is colored in for her privacy.
   My shoe was squeaking the whole time.  It was quite funny, because it sounded so much like a bat.  There were a nice amount of bats in there.  Most of our group thought it was bats.  It was rather funny!

  That is it. I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip, because I enjoyed writing about it.  TTFN = That's That For Now-Tiarra

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