Monday, October 18, 2010

A Little of This and A Pinch of That

Dear Readers,
As useuall I have a lot to tell y'all.
lets start with the pictures.
I thought that this piture was very pretty. It is of our garden. Although only a very small pourtion of our garden. The Snap Dragons are my moms. I love flowers, Don't you?

I believe that thies are Zinnias.

This is me and The Spy Deputiy. I had just sprained my ancle so I got to sit on the couch comfid up with pillows. Doing my school work whith The Spy deputy ( which by the way soon left)between my nees and the pillow. While Mamma and Mr.Blueberry Eyes worked on in the kitchen.

This is a night I drew free hand during History class. Oh, and by the way I was folowing a step by step drawing book.

This is a book we are reading about a man named Polycarp. He was a disciple of John the Revelator. His dream was to become a Christian martyr for the Lord. Worthy ambition, isn't it? There is a Bible Verse that says somthing like "the blood of the martyrs is of a sweet smelling
odor to God. So we are burning a nice smelling candle when ever we read it.

The Spy Deputy is with my mom in town. She had to go to the vet, aaggaaiinn. I am getting just plain worn out of her getting sick or hurt. She has a big old lump on her neck. We thought it might be a tumor, but the vet said that it is the likelihood of about 3% that it is tumor. She will not be able to wear a collar for the rest of her life. Instead, she needs to wear a harness. If everyone can pray for her that would be lovely.
It is getting very, very chilly here. The whole garden pretty much has frozen, including the green house. We went out and harvested some of the tomatoes that had not frozen yet and the potatoes yesterday.

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nani said...

Oh dear. Your posted this two days ago and I did not see it until today. We have been busy everyday so far this week making applesauce and doing other things. Today there are more things to do than I will ever get done so I am just working away at one thing at a time. Right now the most important seems to be to comment on your blog. I really enjoy what you write and seeing your pictures which are beautiful. I am glad the Mighty Hunting Hound is better and that you still have her. Love you much.