Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Thank You's For the Year

I started this post around thanksgiving so it is pretty late.

Well every one, it is Thanksgiving again.

I have many thanks that I would like to share.

The Spy Deputy is alive after the tick
The snow

My new Auntie

My soon to be new Auntie

My soon to be cousens life (I'll tell you more at the end of the list)

My dad

My mom

My brother

My first plain ride
Our new game, Stratego

My uncles

My grandparents

My dogs

O.k., so let me tell you about my 1 1/2 year soon to be cousen.

He spiked a feaver so fast that he had a febril seazer. We think the seazer made him choke on his saliva. He turned blue and his eyes rolled back in to his head. Uncle Laughter piked him up and gave him a hamilic fit for a baby(Which saved his life). After a while the abulanse arived and he was taken to the hospatle. Good news, he is fine. But we are very glad he is all right.

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nani said...

I just realized that I missed this post until now. Not good. I do enjoy what you write. I am glad you have so many things you are thankful for. You are blessed. Love you.