Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shabbat Shalom~Peaceful Sabbath

Yes it is a Shabbat Shalom. We went to a Fish Hatchery to day and gave my mom and grandparents a tour and then took a walk. We took some pictures of each other and of a stump that looked like an ant eater. When Daddy saw it he came over and said," There is a ant eater over there"and Grandma said," There aren't ant eaters in this country are there?" I said," He's just teasing." If you click on the picture right below you can see it.

We have our grandparents visiting from were they live. For Mr.Blueberry Eyes and my birthday thay gave us $50 each. Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa. My Uncle M.M. ( Military Medic) is here. He's telling us stories about his life. My Uncle M.P. is doing good and so is his wife, Montana Aunty.

The Spy Deputy is so cute right now I could eat her. Ok, maybe not quite, but you are so cute.

Uncle is telling a very funny story. I feel like doubling over with laughter.

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nani said...

Fun to see your pictures. You were definitely multi-tasking while doing this post!