Tuesday, April 6, 2010

11th Birthday

My birthday is today and I am so excited. I am 11 years old today. Can't believe it, but it is true so I guess I need to believe it. 11 years ago I was born as a baby with pure black hair with ringlets. The exact different from now for now I have blond hair that is as strait as a pineneedle. I was very plump you might say,but all babies are I guess. I was 7lb. 14 oz. and 19in. long. My grandpa called me Blossom before he knew what my name was. My mommy and grandma thought I would be short like my grandma but so far I am proving them wrong.

This is my new bed set that I got. I am so happy it is finely here. Isn't it pretty?

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nani said...

Your new bed set is very pretty.I am glad you posted a picture so I can actually see it in your room. You can enjoy it for a long time. I am glad you had a happy birthday. Love you lots.