Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cushing,Tired Feet, and a Train on Your Tail

Ok, I don't have a tail if your confused, but you may want to find out what really happend. I'll tell you. About two Sabbaths ago we were walking the railraod and Granny Flash, Cheerful Worker, and Mr.Blueberry Eyes got tired, but Daddy and I wanted to keep going so we kept going and the others turned around. We had not gone very far when Daddy stopped and said, "I think I hear a train coming. So we listened, but didn't hear much so we just kept walking while we listened. All of a sudden: "TOOOT TOOOOOOOOOOOOT!" We didn't have much time, but just enough to put a penny on the track that I had been waiting to skwish. We than skrambled up a steep bank with a few seconds to spare before the train came around the corner. Wheew! Talk about a close call!

You can see I like to dress up in the picture where I'm making cookies, for I even dress up while cooking.

In the picture of dog biscuits I decided to get fancy and put them in a pretty order. My mom thought it was so pretty that she took a picture of it. Oh yes, that is what I was talking about when I said that my feet were tired feet.

Daddy and the (Spy Deputy) are cushing in one of these pictures. the ( Spy Deputy) is so cute in this picture, if I do say so myself. I mean you can not get cuter than that can you?

Tata for now~Tiarra

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nani said...

What fun you do have, from squishing pennies to dressing up while you bake dog biscuits! So glad you enjoy life! Love you.