Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Saying Hello, Making Memories and Saying Goodby

I am feeling sad and I am gloomy just like the weather today. So I am sure you want to know why. Well, it is because some of my best freinds moved today. That is why I am so gloomy. Yuuup. They came over for a play date (I mentioned that in my last post) right be for leaving. Hhhhhuuuuuu. I gave them my email adress and blog adress. Mmmeeeeooohhhmmmyyy! I am going to miss them so much. They moved a way a little longer then a year ago and about this August. They moved back, then their moving again. God, why do friends have to move away?

Anyway, we had fun today. We played "piggy wants a bekon", watched a dvd and played out side. Yes, we had fun but were so sad when they had to leave. Their names on here will be (Swift Arrow), (Eagle Eye) and (Little Feather) Those are their Indian names when ever we play Indians. And, for your information, Mr.Blueberry Eyes and my Indian names are (Laughing Water) and (Strong man) anyway we alot of fun.

We also have a club called (The Huck. Soldiers). We have fun in that too.

Now you can see why I am so sad and gloomy. Do you have any friend that has moved away or left? You can tell me in a comment.

I thought that this pic. matched my mood.TTFN-Tiarra


nani said...

My dear Tiarra, I understand your sadness and feel badly with you having your dear friends move so far away. I am glad though, that they got to be close again for a little while even though it is really hard to have them have to move again and so soon. I am thankful you do have good memories and that you can keep in touch with email and blogs and maybe sometimes phone calls. I have had friends move away too and it is hard and it is also hard to be the ones that move away. We have done that also. I miss you too and love you. I so much enjoy your blogs and your pictures. You are a good writer, just like you mommy and Grany Flash.

granny flash said...

Missy, I love your blog/picture.
Perfect! The picture and your blog go together like fingers in a glove. I'm sad for you, but how wonderful you have modern communication availability.
Love ya'.