Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Exercise and Muffins

Hi guys! I am a lot happier today. I got over the pain of friends leaving, but am afraid that I will always miss them.

We went for a snow shoe this Sabbath in Glacier National Park. We were looking for Charley Russels cabin on Lake Mcdonald (or Lake Picadonel as I called it when I was younger. I called it that because we would often go for a picnic there so I just started calling it Lake Picadone.) You see, The Wood Artist loves exploring as well as doing things with wood.

Mr.Blueberry Eyes wanted to go skiing so he was the only one that went skiing. Although snow shoeing was a lot of fun, I sort of wished I went skiing because Mr.Blueberry Eyes got pulled back to the car by a ski pole Dad was using. Mr. blueberry Eyes held on one end and dad the other end while dad ran on his snowshows as Mr. Blueberry Eyes glided on the snow.

That night my new auntie came over for rootbeer,vpizza and salad and a movie. We talked about the wedding ( yes,yes,yes, they got married already but we were talking about the ceremony )and the WEDDING dress.TTFN-Tiarra


nani said...

Tonight I almost didn't check your blog as it was 10:30 but decided I would. So glad I did. Glad you had a fun time at Glacier (Lake Picadonel)this Sabbath. Do you think your dad could have pulled you with one pole and Mr. Blueberrry Eyes with the other!? Great fun it would be. I enjoyed the picture of all of you too. Love you.

granny flash said...

Love your cheerful attitude. You were so fun to snow shoe with.
Love it!!! We're so blessed to live in this beautiful area.
Rich in natural beauty...

I just went to meeting at the library (with Grandpa and Uncle Schnicklefritz) about alternative methods of building homes, garages, etc. with straw bales, cordwood, paper crepe, etc. Very, very informative and there were a lot of people there...maybe as many as 48 to 50. Fun.