Monday, February 1, 2010

Pinewood Derby Race 2010

Yesterday my family and some friends went to the Pinewood Derby 2010. It was so fun! For those who don't know what a Pinewood Derby Race is, I will tell you. A Pinewood Derby Race is a model car race. The cars are the size of the cars in the pics. Anyway, we had so much fun and their were so many different kinds of cars. There was a piano, ice cream truck, shrew, eraser, and a pencil that Mr.Blueberry Eyes made. I made a cunieform tablet and named it the Hummerrolbi. Now, lets just explain a cuneiform tablet, Hammerabi and all the puns in the name. A cuneiform tablet is a tablet of clay the Sumarians used to write on
and Hammurabi was the ruler of the Sumarians. All the puns go like this. I switched Hammerabi to Hummerollbi. So, first of all Hummer, like a Hummer car and second of all Hummeroll like it is rolling down the track and third of all I put letters on it and the letters were going up and down on the car like it was going up and down on the track. I did not get a ribbon but that is because it is a pretty hard car to understand.

When other people are racing you are supposed to stay behind a red line and watch. You can see that in the last pic. You can sit on the bleachers or as most of the kids do, sit or kneel on the cement floor and watch. I love cheering the racers on. It is so fun.

You can buy food and drinks like popcorn, nachos, hot chocolate and a lot of other things.

Tomarrow, we are going to play with some dear friends and Mr. Blueberry Eyes and I are getting ready to have them.

The Spy Deputy is laying by my side. She looks so cute. I really can't explain how cute she really is.

I am speaking to (Granny Flash ) right now. TTFN-Tiarra

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granny flash said...

Your cars were delightful. It's all about doing your best and being a good sport. You guys did great. Wish I could have gone.