Wednesday, September 2, 2009

OshKosh, Wisconsin, Adventist Comporee, 2009

I want to tell you about my big, summer adventure. This last August, I went on a trip to OshKosh, Wisconsin for the big, Pathfinder Camporee. There were about 36,000 people and on one of the pictures that I took a picture of, I was pointing one way and you couldn't even see 1/4 of the people! I had so much fun!

This first picture was a puppet of one of the puppet shows they had. His name was Toby. And he was extremely funny! The time I got the picture that you see now was when I think he had just gotton scared, so his mouth is wide open.

The next picture you will see is of me and Miss Brenda from Kid's Time. It was Friday when I went to her booth to see if I could get a DVD I was in. She didn't know which one I was talking about, but I got a little, black, stuffed animal puppy.

Another funny thing that happened is when I was marching in the parade, Mrs. Glatts, one of my leaders was giving us all water while we were stopped in the parade. When it came to be my turn out of the four girls, I drank most of my bottle and Mrs. Glatts started pouring the rest over my forehead. Quicker than a flash, she moved the bottle, lifted out my shirt and poured the rest down my shirt and ran away because she didn't know what I was going to think. We all started laughing. It was so funny. - Tiarra

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