Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Old Fashioned 10th Birthday

Last April, I had an old fashioned tea party for my birthday. We all dressed up in old fashioned clothes and drank lemonade and ate tabouli and pasta salad and little sandwiches vegetable relishes. For dessert we had a big, beautiful, old-fashioned cake with pansies on it.

We played games like blind man's bluff and button treasure hunt, and had a pinata. I had a pony pinata. For the lemonade, we used my goblets that I had gotten from a bean auction. And for the food, we used my china, which I also got from the bean auction. Anyway, we had fun! - Tiarra

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Laurinda said...

Beautiful Hair on beautiful girl...on the inside and out. I'm so proud of your Brooke. It such a blessing to witness your heart for Jesus and those around you. Love you! Auntie