Friday, January 23, 2009

A Homeschool Downhill Ski Day

A couple Thursdays ago, my daddy (The Wood Artist), me, and my brother(Mr. Blueberry Eyes) went on a homeschool, downhill ski day. There are no pictures of me because my Daddy wasn't with me when the camera was working and when he was with me, the camera wasn't working. But anyway, we learned how to do pizzas and duck walks and going straight which Mr. Blueberry Eyes calls French fries. And we even got to go on the lift coming up. It was my first time - at least the first time I remember going on an open ski lift. And then on the bunny hill, there was a little thing to the side where you had to point your skiis up the hill and wait for a little handlebar to come by on a string. When the handle bar got to you, you had to grab onto it and be pulled up the bunny hill. Sometimes it was really hard to hold onto it, especially when somebody in front of you let go. It wasn't to my brother, he said. It was kinda hard trying to step off the thing that you were pulled up the bunny hill by. But I soon got the hang of it. One of the tricky parts was, we had to learn how to do all of this downhill skiing without any poles, but I soon got the hang of that, too. And when we were all done skiing and I had taken my boots and skiis off, my feet ached horrifically. Anyway, it was a fun day in the end. The end.

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