Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Puppy, the Spy Deputy

My little puppy is not really a spy, but we have fun pretending. She is the perfect puppy for our family. She's funny, she hilarious! And even though she may be small, she has a very low growl. My daddy even says she doesn't have a slow-moving muscle in her body, she moves so fast. She's half Yorkie, a quarter Silky, and a quarter Poodle. I think she thinks she is 100% human. She really is hilarious. When you accidentally lock her in a closet, or forget about her, or shut her in a room, she usually doesn't make a sound. When she is does make a sound, its a very low "RRrrrrrr!" When she is naughty, she sometimes hides behind something and peeks out to see if you are still mad at her. She chases the cats down the hall and she's learned the trick at least with one cat to sit and watch him until he gets half of his body through the cat door and then she'll charge after him. Occasionally, she gets told what's what and who's boss by the cat. Its a very funny time when you're living with a puppy. And if you have one, I'm sure you know what I mean! - Tiarra

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