Sunday, December 21, 2008

Working on Brooke's New Button Box

This is my Papa, (The Wood Artist), and me working on my new button box. I hope it will be really pretty. I will put the picture of it on another post. But onto what we were doing for it. We had to cut certain pieces of woods into special shapes and sizes and lengths. And then we had to glue it together and nail it together with a air gun. Then we had to make a bottom for it. And like my other one, if you would like to make one, it can be any shape or size. You can get pieces of wood with knots in it. And if you don't know what knots are, just ask your parents. But anyway, you don't have to get pieces of wood with knots in it. You can router words on top of the lid and paint into the router. But its all up to your very own mind.

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The Wanderer said...

I can hardly wait to see update about the button box