Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Unrebelious Rebel

Recently, Mr. Blueberry Eyes got a new horse!
 He is a really pretty horse, dark brown with with a black tail, mane, and stockings.  Or, in other words, he is a bay.   His name (Rebel) doesn't fit him at all.  He is really sweet and not rebellious. 
 We brought him home about a month ago.  He is twenty years old, but in pretty good shape. 
He was at the low end of the feeding order at his last home, so he is kinda skinny.  We are working on getting him fattened up.  So far he looking pretty good, much better than he looks in the picture.
Mr. Blueberry Eyes (and I) are very happy to have him in our family.  With him it takes our animal count up to 23.  Hope you have a great week-Tiarra

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Danielle Dunn said...

SUPER HORSE! Love him! No, he doesn't look anything like a rebel! Congrats to your brother! And I see you have changed your blog template! I like it!