Sunday, August 26, 2012

"I'm Frolicking, I'm Frolicking"

For those of you who have seen the movie "Milo &Otis" You will probably get the significance in my title.
When I was little "Milo &Otis" was one of most favorite things to watch.   The post I am doing today reminds me a lot of that movie (especially the "I'm Frolicking" part.)
 We just got home from a two and a half week long trip to my great grandma's farm.  Her cat ,Tabby, (the sister to our cat that I posted about a few posts back) had a litter of kittens about three weeks before we came.  There had origanally been 5 kittens, but something happened to the fifth.  We don't know what, but by the time we got there it was gone.
   The mother cat brought them from the barn to the front porch when they were way too tiny to be that exposed to the big St. Benards.  We moved them back from the porch to barn.  That is where they stayed 'til we left, except of course when we brought them out to play with.  Mother cat wasn't too good a mother.  She wasn't horrible, but rather unexperienced.  Afterall, this is her first litter.  She hadn't kept their eyes clean so we had to do that.  They loved it when we cleaned their eyes out with warm water and a paper towel.  The kitten in the picture below loved the eye therapy the best.  We had one that thought it could to without, but for the most part they liked it.  The mother did feed them well, though.  They are the fattest little things you ever did see. 
 We gave them all names almost right away.  I think they seem to fit them also.  The multi-colored one ( above and second to right, beneath) we named Marble.  It fits her perfectly.  The gray striped one (second to left) we named Mist.   Although the way she runs is more like a jet stream, not a mist.  The gray one with the orange dot on her head (farthest left) we named Dots.  And the black and gray striped one (farthest right), Stripes.  Although I have the hardest time in the world not calling him Tiger.  I dont' really know why I just do. 
We had so much fun playing with them.  We were sad when we had to leave them.  They were just too fun to play with.  I am looking forward to when I can go back and see how they have grown. 

                                                    They really did love to frolick. 

                                                             Bye till next time ~ Tiarra


Danielle Dunn said...

we have that movie, Milo & Otis. it's such an adorable movie! so cute!

nani said...

Good morning Tiarra. Was happy to find your pictures and comments this morning. The kittens did look like so much fun to play with. So glad you got to spend time there.