Wednesday, May 2, 2012

O.K.  I was finally able to download some more pictures of our fall photo shoot.  Hope you enjoy.
Mama and Daddy!!
Whole group of pictures!
Mr.  Blueberry Eyes and I!
Hope the weather has been good for you all.  We have had off and on weather lately.  Well what I mean is that sometimes the weather is nice and sometimes the weather is not so nice.  We have been have weather all of the time lately

While I post this the cat, Fluffy, is laying beside me SLEEPING.  She woke me up other night at FOUR OCLOCK.  Trying to get the point across that she was hungry.  She did this by playing on my wood chest and on my window sill.  Oh, and in case you wanted to know.  She already had Food. 

I need to go now, hope you all have a wonderful day!!!!!! -Tiarra

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