Monday, April 9, 2012

Sun Shine Bright

Today is a very nice, sunny day! I don't have a lot of new pictures so I put some of our garden in 2010 up. Hope you all enjoy.

Yum, Watermelon! This was planted in our greenhouse.

Our dog Nika in the green house. She has a very funny look on her face.

Mr. Blueberry Eyes in the garden mud hole. We like surfing on the lid of our green turtle sand box.

Some corn that we planted just coming up. That year we had a wonderful harvest of corn.

I don't know if that is our Painted Mountain Corn or our Sweet Corn, but they both turned out wonderful.

Mama's Bleeding Heart. It is located right outside of our green house. In 2011 it got even BIGGER! Bleeding Hearts are one of my mom's favorite flowers.

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