Sunday, May 29, 2011

Recent News On The Chckens

Good Morning,you all! Here is my check-up on the chicks, except they're not really chicks anymore. This first chicken is our rooster and his name is Spike. You might be interested to know that he is one of our most tame chickens. He is one of our Salmon Favorelles. Our other Favorelles is a hen and is brown, not black. Sorry, I don't have a picture of that one in this post though.

This is Mr. Blueberry Eyes's chicken. She is a Silver Lakenvelder, and her name Oly Mo. There is a big story behind that name. Let me tell you it. My Grandpa had a white chicken when he was young. When my grandpa would lay down on the grass that chicken would come and lay his head down on my grandpa's shoulder. He was supposedly a very smart chicken.

Some more of our chickens. (Left to right)Red, Zay, Mable, and Bertha. They are so much bigger than they were as chicks.

This is some more chickens in their nest boxes. (Left to right) My Black Silky Bantam who is not named yet, my Silver Laced Wiandotte named Willowen, and the rooster.

I hope to show you some more pictures in another post.

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nani said...

Enjoyed your last blog as I do all of them. Fun to see how much the chickens of grown and their names.