Thursday, March 24, 2011

So Much to Catch Up On

So, every one, I'm back. Sorry it has been so long. The Valentine's Day Dinner we had for Mom and Dad went well. We served ice cream, fudge, noodles, soup, pancakes and some other stuff that we just happened to be out of, so they didn't get any of that.

Mommy painted my face for the Super Bowl. As you can see we were rootin' for the Packers.

The Spy Deputy loves carrots. She just eats them right from your hand. Munch, munch, munch. Daddy made me a recipe box with dove tail corners and pretty little hinges. It was supposed to be my Christmas gift, but the tools he orderd didn't have what he needed. He gave me a card and told me about it, then made it. On the top of the box it says "Give us this day our daily bread. Matt 6:11"

The Spy Deputy looks worried while Mr. Blueberry Eyes takes her heart beat after she ate the chocolate bar.

I am very exited about gardening this summer. Mr. Blueberry Eyes and I cleaned out our green house that we store all of our stuff in. We did it to surprise Mommy.

I tried to clear some of the ice and snow away for the garden fence so that I can start moving our big flower barells over there. I am dreaming and dreaming about this year's flower garden. All the other years something or other has delayed me from planting, and that makes it so I don't feel like working on it the rest of the year. I am deturmined to not let anything get in the way this time.

We are getting chickens soon. Our first batch we are getting on the 28th, we are getting ducks on the 4th, and more chickens on the 11th.

Sorry that the picture hides a little of the words on the top post. I haven't figured out how to fix that totally yet.

( TTFN) That's That For Now . Hopefully it won't be onother month or so before you hear from me again. -Tiarra

P.S. If you see the name The Mighty Hunting Hound that is what my mother calls The Spy Deputy on her blog and some times I get mixed up.

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