Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cheribums to Chickabums

Our chickies are still doing great. The first 24 hours are the most critical, and the second 24 hours are the second most critical hours. Well, guess what! It has already been the first 48 hours and we haven't lost one of our chicks. The yellow chickie in the first picture is of my mom's Buff Orpington, Buffi. All of our chickies are precious. I can't wait till they start to lay some eggs for us. I am desparately hoping that my little bantam is a hen, because I really want it to lay an egg. This is not going to be long. I just wanted to catch everybody up on our little chickabums.


nani said...

I'm so glad you Chickabums are doing well. How long will it be until they are old enough to lay eggs? Your keeping us up to date is appreciated!!! Your profile picture is really sweet. Don't think I have seen that one before.

Danielle Dunn said...