Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Night

Mommy is sick so I had to make supper tonight. I made onions and little links fried in olive oil with some saurkraut (on the side so those in the family who don't like saurkraut didn't have to eat it). Onions make my eyes sting so that is why I was wearing those funny sunglasses. I also boiled pierogies to go along. By the way the things we had for supper were my mom's idea.
I got Echoe out tonight. He likes sitting on my head so when I put him back and let The Mighty Hunting Hound out (who has not taken a liking to him yet), got up on the couch and started sniffing my head as if there had been a murder up there.
Echoe is a very wierd bird. Basically all he does all day long is eat and sleep and poop. I need some advice on how to get him to play and sing.
Since Christmas has been over we have had so much more time to be a family. I even think we have had more time to be a family than before Chrismas.
Daddy is working on making me a recipe box with box-joint corners like dove-tail corners. We have not gotten them yet, but we are going to get some decorative gold hinges and a clasp for it. It will say "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread" Matt. 6:11 on it.
Happy Sabbath to all, and to all a good night. Tiarra

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