Friday, May 28, 2010

Thanks God, Thanks So Much

Hi guys, how are you doing?
I have somthing to tell you! The Spy Deputy almost died in the night. Yes you read right. She almost died in the night. Here, let me explain. First of all, last year about this time of year, she hurt her back. Well a couple of days ago she started getting symptoms like she did when she hurt her back, so we thought she hurt it again. Well, she kept getting worse and worse. till the point where last night my mom got up for something and decided to check on her. My mom found her with her ear in the water dish. My mom called my dad and she went back to bed while my dad stayed with The Spy Deputy. A little while later my dad yelled, "Her breathing is really bad", so my mom came out. The Spy Deputy was fighting for every breath. It was too much for my mom so she went back to bed and started praying that if The spy Deputy was going to die, to let her die soon. Then my dad yelled to mom to come. My mom thought "she is gone", but, no, my dad had found a tick. He pulled it out. Within about 5 minuets The Spy deputy was doing alot better. She is continuing to get better. It only took about 5 and half hours from the point of The Spy Deputy not being able to lift her ear out of the water... to the point of being able to shake without falling. So, do you think that is an answer to prayer and a miracle or not?-Tiarra


nani said...

I think God cares about little dogs and kids and mommy and daddy's pets and answers our prayers.

momof4boys said...

Awesome answer to prayer! I love your blog!