Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Til Death Do Us Part

The last week has been really busy. Last Tuesday my Uncle (MP) got married to a lovely lady. I really like her. Obviously, Mr. Blueberry Eyes likes her, too, because he's constantly asking to call her. As I am sure you know that was a very joy-filled day. Mr.blueberryEyes thought the kiss was the best part. As for me, the kiss was pretty good, but the best part was that I get a new Auntie and seeing the joy on Uncle and Auntie's face. They came over to our house that night with his and her families and had pizza, salad, ice cream and cake. Mmmmm, yummy.

Today I'm taking the day off because I have earned enough points to have a day off. The way I get points is to get to school on time, get my math done in an orderly time, get my math correct, get my spelling test correct and use our vocab words correctly in a sentence. By the time I have 75 points I get a day off school, a chai tea and one hour on the computer without using my music points.

Tonight my mom (Cheerful Worker), Mr. Blueberry Eyes and I are going to town with my Grandma (Granny Flash).

I am reading a novel called "Laylie's Daring Quest". I just started it last night. It is a really interesting book. Laylie is a slave. The only family member she really knows is her brother, Luke, and her friend has just been sold away.

Yeasterday we came home from town to find some goodies on our bed from Granny Flash. Mmm mmm mmm they look good. They came along with some other stuff in the house.

I cannot believe it is already the 18th.TTFN-Tiarra

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nani said...

Thank you for sharing your blog Tiarra. Loved the pictures of your Uncle and new Auntie. Aren't surprises fun! Am glad you've had some. Am proud of what you have done to earn your day off. Grandpa works for someone at 5:15 in the morning for someone who fell at work and got a concussion so we need to head to bed. Love you.