Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Woven Purse

This is the woven purse I made. On the other side it has a yellow star like it has a purple heart on the front. I crocheted the handle. and sewed the sides together with the same yarn I wove and crocheted. This is one of the handicraft stuff I have made for my Adventurer Honors. Some of my other posts like my sticker collection and my button collection and some of the other stuff I will put on posts are for my Adventurer Honors. But back to the purse. I finished it about last year. It takes a long time to make and a lot of hard work.


Nanette said...

You did a very nice job on your purse, Sweetie! I like it. Love, Mommy

Laura said...

what a cool purse i love ir, can i place an order for one too? love, auntie Laura